Saturday night at The Hub in Missoula was the 2017 Missoula Senior Graduation Party! A fun and sober way to end the high school careers of so many, before preparing for college life. There were thousands of dollars worth of prizes given away, tons of food thanks to local restaurants, and big smiles on everyone's faces.

My wife Savannah and I volunteered from 8pm-2am, and we got to do some pretty fun stuff while volunteering. We started out with a couple hours inside of the Lazer Tag rooms making sure that all the exits were covered so students weren't leaving and coming back inside. For the most part we were just yelling out things like "behind you" and "watch out" at random people to mess with them.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

The second half of our volunteering was calling BINGO! Something we were both really looking forward too. It was a blast but I never realized how much crap people talk to bingo callers. So many students were shouting out their numbers and letting me know what they thought of me if I called the wrong number. To be honest, all students were respectful, they were just having some fun.

The best part was at the end of the night when thousand dollar scholarships were given out to both the University of Montana and MSU. Plus one $1,000 grand prize winner. It was a great night with some of the brightest students around. And something that my wife and I will probably volunteer at again next year.

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