The new SCHEELS store is officially open in Missoula! It was quite the process for things to take shape but it seems to have been worth the wait as I've heard nothing but good things from people that have been inside the store. I saw before and after pictures of the property the other day and it's pretty crazy to think that it wasn't long ago that the building was the old JC Penny. A pretty cool thing about SCHEELS is that they haven't been in town very long but they've already found ways to integrate themselves into the community.

Before the store was even open, SCHEELS was making news in Missoula. They were involved with sponsoring events at Missoula PaddleHeads' games, they held a Griz Pep Fest event in their parking lot, and they held multiple hiring events.....yep, they were busy. And it doesn't look like they're backing off when it comes to community involvement now that the doors are open, which is good to see.

What a cool idea in a bike-loving town like Missoula

I saw a post on social media where there's a couple of newly installed bike repair stations that have popped up around Missoula. Apparently, SCHEELS donated them and you'll see one at Silver Park near Ogren Park and one outside the bike shop entrance at their store.

Various tools at your disposal

The bike repair stations have everything you need to make minor adjustments to your bike while you're on the go. A quick stop and you'll have access to Allen keys, a pump, wrenches, screwdrivers, and more. What a handy addition to help keep bike riders pedaling safely around Missoula!

Somebody commented on the Facebook post that it was a nice idea but to be prepared for the tools to be vandalized and stolen. But as you would probably expect, it looks like the tools aren't removable.

There are two of the new bike repair stations right now but the social media post from SCHEELS says a third one is coming soon.

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