Forming a union can be an incredibly difficult thing to do. I know someone in my life (no names here, gotta keep it anonymous) who was part of organizing efforts to form a union at their job for a long time - and it never seemed like they were making any progress. The company they were working for kept squashing their efforts, and they could never get enough support among the employees to really make it happen.

Basically, it was like watching the sitcom Superstore play out in real time.

So it's always good to hear when employees are able to create a union that will actually benefit them - and maybe inspire others to do the same.

Employees of Missoula's Black Coffee Roasting Co. Have Formed a Union

According to Montana Right Now, workers at Black Coffee Roasting Company are coming together to independently form a union called Third Wave Workers of Missoula. It was also made clear that this is largely because of the rising cost of living in Missoula, not because of any antagonism between the employees and the employer.

They also hope that their actions may inspire other employees of different Missoula businesses to start their own unions.

Do I have more Superstore clips to illustrate unions on TV? You bet I do!

Man, I miss Superstore. Really underrated show.

The Montana Right Now article also mentions that several Starbucks stores in Buffalo, New York recently organized and formed a union. Could this be the beginning of a new trend?

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