Bob Danley of the Bitterroot Outdoor Journal concentrated on flying things as we approach fall. Surprisingly, butterflies are still out and about. (see photos above) The Zerene Fritillary is coming to the end of its lifespan, but the Hoary Comma (on the right) just got its wings and will over-winter as an adult. You can find the fluttery things around rubber rabbitbrush, Bob says.

For those looking up at hawks, Bob has included silhouettes of Sharp-shinned Hawks on the left and Cooper's Hawk on the right (in photo below). the Sharpie has a small head and a squared-off, narrow tail, the the Cooper's head is large and it's tail tip is rounded. They like to soar at mid-day. And the dragonflies are still around, with photos of the male and female Black Meadowhawks this week. Bob has lots more on his website.

hawk silhouettes
Sharp-shinned Hawk on the right and Cooper's Hawk on the right. (Bob Danley images)
meadowhawk butterflies
Black Meadowhawk butterflies -male on the left and female on the right) (Bob Danley photos)

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