There are 1.6 million acres waiting for the public to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend in the Bitterroot National Forest, and there are several tips that officials want to pass along.

Spokesman Todd McKay said conditions are considerably better than they were last spring, due to far less snowpack, however, there are several areas of caution for the public.

"The streams and creeks are running high," McKay said. "Be cautious around those springs and creeks. Also, we've got some muddy roads and conditions because of the snow melting off early and visitors could do a lot of resource damage."

McKay said one other piece of advice is vital to all who plan to visit the Bitterroot National Forest.

"Please bring potable drinking water," he said. "We do have some of our campground water systems that haven't been turned on yet, and that includes all the campgrounds around Lake Como. We've got to clean that well out, and so anyone who's going camping in that area should bring their own potable water."

A new 16-day stay limit is in place for the Bitterroot National Forest- except for the portion of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho.  The reason the stay limit has changed from a 14-day limit to a 16-day limit is to provide a consistent stay limit restriction across National Forest lands in Region 1.

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