Can you believe 2017 is almost gone? Looking back at the year and some of the fun videos we have put together here at KYSS, here are some of our favorite videos.

1. “Zach is going to see Garth Brooks” – This was an easy choice because Zach is such a huge Garth Brooks fan and so when we had the opportunity to surprise him with tickets to see his favorite musician of all time, it’s a memory I will keep with me forever. I know Zach made a huge sign for the concert and had a great time singing along to all of his favorite songs! ~Billy

This was our favorite video together overall. What a special day to be involved with. We know he had such a blast at the Garth show. ~Charene

2. “Billy Bullies Charene in a Knockerball” – First off, I was NEVER meaning to hurt anyone. But when I am almost twice Charene’s size it’s pretty easy to tell when we hit each other she is going to go flying! Thankfully no one gets hurt in the Knockerballs and this event also helped us raise some money for the KYSSMAS For Kids annual fundraiser. ~ Billy

3. Along those lines, since I  had to be the victim of the last one. What about when Billy got knocked out at Knockerball? This double camera angel is priceless. I am glad he didn't get hurt, we laugh now though. ~ Charene

4. I had to go with a goofy one of Billy and I sledding at Blue Mountain. We took an hour break and went sledding. It is so much fun but I remember being so sore. I try to get out and sled at least once a year. ~Charene

5. I know I can speak for both of us on this one as a big highlight of our careers, is when we met and were able to speak with Garth Brooks, this is a two part video. One shows the gifts we received from Garth and Trisha, then the interview with Garth before his Spokane shows. ~Charene

Looking forward to more fun whacky videos, so subscribe and join along.


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