UPDATE: We have received word that Universal Athletic sold their team sales division to Game One. All ownership and all locations will be staying the same. Universal Atheltic will not change its name.

This change would be huge for the long-time Montana business, and we believe some locals would not be huge fans of this change.

Universal Athletic has been a Montana company where adults, kids, and families can buy athletic clothing, shoes, and you can even order gear for their teams. Universal Athletic has locations in Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, and more, and has been a Montana staple to communities for over fifty years. Things might be changing with the Universal Athletic name. 

Universal Athletic has joined a new national brand Game One. Game One is one of the largest and fastest-growing suppliers of athletic gear in the United States. Game One works with national brands like Nike, Adidas, and more. 

The real question I have is that now that Universal Athletic has joined this new company, will they be asked to change their name here in Montana? That's a lot of locations, branding, and educating locals all over Montana to help them adjust to the change. 

Or Game One could do the smart move and keep Universal Athletic and just be a part of the company. Universal Athletic is the most prominent athletic company in Montana and is an institution. If they change the name, Game One could be doing more harm than good for their business. 

We reached out, and asked if Universal Atheltic will have to change their name to Game One shortly? Or will Universal Athletic be able to keep its name the way it is? As soon as we find out that info, we will keep you updated. 

For more details, check out Universal Athletic

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