As an avid hunter who spends a lot of time in the field, I see everyday the product of good wildlife conservation. Hunters and anglers are the biggest contributors to wildlife conservation. Not only do hunters and anglers play a big role, but there are also the biologist and volunteers that collect the data needed to calculate optimum numbers. Periodically over the course of a year, I will receive survey calls from volunteers looking to gather data on that year's harvest. They ask simple questions like "how many days did you spend hunting turkey?" "Did you harvest an elk?" or "What region of the state did you hunt in the most?"

Well, now there are reports that Anti-Hunting groups are posing as FWP volunteers, and harassing Montana sportsmen and women with fake survey calls.

If you are called by someone who says they are from FWP and are conducting any harvest/trapping surveys regarding wolves, it’s a scam. FWP has completed its harvest surveys by phone. We will, however, be sending out elk and furbearer surveys through the mail and ask that you complete and return those. If you receive a call please report to 1-800-tip-mont.

In other hunting news,

Pronghorn Antelope, Elk B and Deer B special drawing applications are due on June 1st. Just submit your application through the FWP website.

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