After doing parade's in Missoula for many years there is one thing I have discovered. No matter how much candy you buy, you will ALWAYS run out. We have spent $100 and ran out, $150 and ran out, it seems like no matter how much we spend we get over generous while making our way down Higgins Avenue.

Because I want you to collect the most amount of candy possible while seeing all the fun parade entries, I want to share with you the best spot to collect the most candy. I think the best spot is as far North on Higgins as possible, I would even suggest on the sidewalk right next to the Iron Horse.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand if we run out each year, the best spot to have candy is at the beginning because we are always giving away the most right as we get started. Hope to see you for the Homecoming Parade on Saturday, kicks off at 10am!


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