I know for a fact I am not the only one who has done this and won't be the last. Those darn curling irons get hot and this burn was a bad one.

Women's Health Magazine had an online article that showed the burns from the inner arm to the forehead, both places I have brunt myself on. This lady here got a huge one across her neck!

Another gal had one on her neck too that looked more like a hickey then anything and it being hard to cover up as it is a burn made people probably think it was a hickey. That has happened a bit, I found another story in a forum and this gal said " I once burned my neck area and everyone thought it was a hickey...omg it was sooo embrassing(this was back in high school)." I imagine her parents may have not believed her either...

This story was a bit comical:

 My friend did this to herself, and it looked exactly like a hickie!
I go to a military academy, so we were getting inspected the next day and our CC was yelling at her like "WHO HAVE U BEEN MESSIN AROUND WITH IN THE BARRACKS!?" lol.

I know I will do this again at some point but I don't want it to happen in the near future this was a band burn I got on my inner arm. Ouch!



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