It seems like we might finally be over the hump when it comes to our weather. The temps in the 60's are fading away and we're ramping up to warm weather as the first official day of summer draws near. My bedroom has a giant window on the sunny side of the house and the room is always so warm even with the AC running in the house. With temps getting into the 90's this week, I gave up and bought a small AC unit for the window yesterday. Now I'm ready for the next couple of days where we might see new record highs in Missoula.

Photo: Missoula Parks and Recreation via Facebook
Photo: Missoula Parks and Recreation via Facebook

If you're trying to beat the heat - it looks like splash decks are open around Missoula. They were shut down last year because of COVID but it looks like they're back in action for the summer. I haven't seen any sort of big announcement about their return, but my wife took our daughters to meet up with friends at a local splash deck yesterday. A quick check of the City of Missoula's website shows that "Missoula splash decks and spray pools are open Memorial Day through Labor Day, weather permitting."

Splash decks at Bonner, Franklin, and Marilyn parks are now open. The one at Westside Park is projected to open 6/15 because of construction in the park. Splash decks are open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. You'll also find spray pools at Sacajawea Park and Southside Lions Park from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on days that are over 75 degrees.

I love that you can stay cool at Missoula parks with all the splash decks around town. Will you be taking advantage of one this week....or this summer?

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