Our weather has been all over the place lately. Seeing 20-degree swings in the course of 24 hours has been happening so often that it doesn't even make you do a double take. I mean, go back just a couple of weeks and we had a day where we saw snowflakes in Missoula..... and that was just a few days after we had a high of about 85 degrees. My kiddos were running through the sprinkler at the start of that week and bundled up to go outside at the end of the week.

We were blessed with some pretty nice weather over the holiday weekend and it'll continue to be toasty over the next few days. We might even see some records fall on Wednesday and Thursday!

A KPAX article shows that Missoula will flirt with record temps this week. Actually, the article says "a strong high pressure ridge will strengthen over the northern Rockies this week," but I don't think that means much to anybody that isn't a meteorologist. And what's the deal with meteorologists? Why aren't they called weatherologists? Sorry.....I kind of broke into a Seinfeld routine there.

Anyway, the important part is that right now we're projected to be a couple degrees short of the record high for Wednesday, and it looks like we might set the mark for a record high on Thursday. Of course, Mother Nature has been so crazy that we could end up going a number of ways.....record highs on none, one, or both days. We'll see where things end up - but as of now we're projected to see 91 for a high tomorrow and 94 on Thursday!

Stay hydrated and find yourself a sprinkler, pool, or get to the river!

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