We're getting closer and closer to seeing the Missoula PaddleHeads take the field for the first time since they officially became the PaddleHeads. The pandemic knocked out the entire 2020 season but we're just weeks away from playing ball with a new manager, new mascot, and a bunch of awesome promotional days. Throw in another list of dates for Centerfield Cinema and it's sure to be a fun summer at Ogren Park.

Are you ready to make your mark on the upcoming season? You might have a confused look on your face right now and you might be asking "how exactly is it that I can help the PaddleHeads?" Well.....the team is looking for people that are able to open up their homes and be a host to PaddleHeads players and staff for the season.

Do you live decently close to Ogren Park? Can you provide safe living arrangements? Are you up for providing a home away from home for those attempting to live out their dreams by playing/coaching organized baseball? I'm not exactly sure about all the details - but I would think there has to be some tickets included in the deal, right?

In addition to simply putting a roof over someone's head, the PaddleHeads website says: "secondary details such as food, laundry usage, and wireless internet access to be mutually agreed upon by the player(s) and their family."

If the "Adopt-a-PaddleHead" program interests you - and you're willing to host - you can get more information and access the application by clicking on the Facebook post above or visiting the PaddleHeads website HERE

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