Montana is a giant state. A state that consists of 150,446 miles of paved lane roads. That is not counting the rural backroads, or forest service roads. That is over 6 trips around the world. Clearly, Montanans are no stranger to spending time in the driver's seat.

When it comes to driving in Montana, it is customary to wave at oncoming cars and people on the side of the road. This custom doesn't occur much in the more populated areas. Where people tend to be less aware of other people, and are used to being around the busy traffic of a bigger community. But, in smaller communities and rural areas of Montana, it is RUDE to not wave. Unlike the "city folk," people who live in rural areas of Montana are not used to a lot of interaction with other people. Seeing 4 or 5 cars drive down their road in a day may be considered "heavy traffic." The custom of waving at other motorists and people was created to acknowledge that you see those people and are essentially socializing with them.

What's a "Jeep Wave" or "Lazy Wave?"

For anyone out of practice in the art of waving, it may take some time to get used to it. For me, I don't wave like Forrest Gump on a crab boat. I use the "Lazy Wave" or the "Jeep Wave." The simple act of raising 2 fingers off of your steering wheel and pointing them straight up. It doesn't involve a lot of effort and you are still fulfilling your duty of being polite.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now eliminate the chance of missing a proper wave ever again.

The website has created a 3D printer plan that will print a "Jeep Wave" hand that can easily be stuck onto your dash. Making it appear like you are waving with your 2 fingers pointed in the sky.

The 3D printer design is available to download for less than $2.

Awesome 3D Print For Anyone Who Drives the Backroads of Montana

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