Everybody likes to luck into a little extra money now and then. Who doesn't like putting on a jacket you haven't worn in a while and feeling the joy when your hand comes out of the pocket with $20 that you had no idea was in there? There's no way you can be sad when you're holding money that you happened to luck into.

Or, to make a few dollars you could do a little wheelin' & dealin' with the stock market. The bad news is I don't know much about stocks, or bonds, or how to go about it. For me, trying to understand the details of last week when shares of GameStop ended up costing hedge funds a ton of money is like reading a book in a foreign language. It hurts my simple little brain. I remember in 10th grade I was in an economics class and part of the curriculum was to buy phony stock in real companies. I didn't fare so well and I think I'm scared that if I tried as an adult with real money I would end up with the same fate.

But a treasure hunt with a payout attached? Now we're talking!

I was browsing Twitter a bit earlier and saw this post where somebody said they put a cryptocurrency coin inside a snowman somewhere in Pattee Canyon. Just like I know nothing about the stock market - I'm also out of the loop when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. But it has to still be worth something if somebody is using it as enticement to search the wilderness for a random snowman, right?

Before you set out in search of your reward........I'll mention that the Twitter account looks like it was just created in the last couple of days. So there isn't much of a history to judge the account by as far as if it's believable. But on the other hand - there could be a snowman with a reward buried inside.

If you happen to find the treasure - let me know!

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