Despite people thinking marriage is down due to divorce being up, according to a new survey Americans still believe in Marriage being forever. According to’s New survey, 90 % of women and 88 % of men believe marriage really is till death do us part.

Elite Daily wrote an article about this topic and the great part was it was singles who felt this way. Wasn't a survey of married people so it's nice that single's have hope.

Marriage is important to keep the sacrament and do it 'til death to us part'. It's not a joke and too often do the young lust and speed of life make people or couples feel they have to be married.

ON the flip side majority of the surveyed also thought you should leave a a marriage if unhappy. Although you should not be getting married if you don't think it's forever and give it a long good try. There are reasons for everything but rushing into marriage is never an easy thing.


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