Honestly, I'm not sure how this wasn't a rule already, but here you go - starting immediately, all employees and visitors to any national park in the US will be required to wear face masks in all National Park Service buildings, AND when you're unable to keep distant from others while outdoors.

Trust me, this is not a story from March 2020, even though it sounds like it probably should be. This is a brand new policy! They say that park rangers will be on duty to uphold these new regulations.

Here in Montana, we've got Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I went to Glacier this past summer with my girlfriend, and we brought our masks with us. We were outdoors and kept a pretty good distance for the most part, but whenever we were near people, we tried to mask up. Looking around at others, I'd say it was about half and half - some had masks on, some didn't.

So, this news seems a little late, but it is good news! I'm not sure how easily the rule will be enforced, considering how many thousands of people come to Glacier every day, and how huge that park really is. Can they really have enough park rangers on staff to keep people in line with this?

Are you surprised that the national parks are JUST NOW enforcing a mask requirement, almost a year into the pandemic? Let us know what you think by messaging us through our app!

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