Well this kind of stinks for those of us not flying 1st class. Airlines can continue to shrink seats and room between for now anyway. 

D-Senator Charles Schumer is tryong to do something about this but the ideas was rejected Thursday by a 54-to-42 vote. Probably cause most of them fly first class and have never had to deal with it. Almost every republican rejected the idea.

According to Newser.com this "would ensure that airlines can't keep chopping down on seat size and legroom until consumers are packed in like sardines in a can on every flight," said Schumer.

Seems like a great idea yet no one wants to see that happen. Arline's of course don't want this to happen because the more people they can cram on the more money they make. The question is, when does it stop?

The seat size has has gone down too 17 inches from 18.5 inches.

People can barely afford to fly and now they just keep making more while we pay more.



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