It's crazy to think that it has taken us almost two years to change something we both wanted to fix immediately after buying our home. In May of 2014, my wife Savannah and I bought our first home together. When discussing the possible purchase I had three things that I wanted Savannah to agree to change about this home that she absolutely loved. Number one was that I wanted a riding lawn mower, really just to save time. Number two, was that we needed to change the color of the house from it's yellow color, we did that soon after moving in. And lastly was that we needed to change the color of the front door, which we did over the weekend!

Before we changed the door color this past weekend it was pink. Now you understand why when first discussing the home, I was a little questionable about the yellow house with the pink door. But now that we have worked on making it our own, I'm so glad we chose this house to make our home.


    Amazing View of Missoula!

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