Theater mixed with horse riding, pageantry, and a circus-like atmosphere all mixed into one for a night of spectacle and entertainment.

This is a new event for me. Granted, I'm not intertwined with the theatrical/horsey community, but I still haven't seen an event quite like this in Missoula. An individual posted on the Missoula Nightlife Facebook page regarding Cirque Ma'Ceo. If you were like me and asked "What the heck is Cirque Ma'Ceo" check out this 2019 YouTube video recapping a show from a few years back.

There are horses, dudes flying around on ropes, a band and ladies dangling from chandeliers. This looks like a blast for the family to go check out, but my rule-following brain thought about the Missoula City ordinance that bans circuses due to an ordinance.

I conducted some investigative research and found City Ordinance 3554 states "It is unsuitable and cruel to utilize wild and exotic animals in displays or performances intended primarily for public entertainment or amusement and endeavors to prohibit such."

Thanks to Wolfie for writing about the circus earlier this year and for providing that information.

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The ordinance talks specifically about wild and exotic animals, not circuses, so we're a go for Cirque Ma'Ceo.

Take in the "sensational spectacle that will leave you breathless" on July 5- July 7th with multiple start times on Saturday and Sunday. The event takes place at Big Sky Horse Park. The traveling group will hit up both Helena and Missoula before jetting off to Washington and even Alaska for a couple of events.

If you want to attend, check out Cirque Ma'Ceo's website here.

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