It is always the best idea to have actual bear spray but if you are in a bind or need a quick replacement you may want to check this out. This is said to be a semi decent fill in to help protect you outdoors.

I tend to be outside a lot and this weekend ended up forgetting the bear spray I was going to borrow. In a quick bind I found out from my friend that wasp spray can work to detour bears and help protect you in bear country. I don't own a gun but that can also be a good replacement but seeing as that wasn't an option with me while at the grocery store I was able to easily grab some wasp spray.

Now wasp spray can shoot up to 20 feet but it is a small stream while bear spray was designed to fend off bears. Again it's best to always have bear spray but if you forget it and need something to take out in the woods with this may serve multiple purposes.


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