There's some movin' and shakin' going on over at Southgate Mall. There's been a lot of moving parts recently with the closing of JCPenny and Lucky's, coupled with construction that's happening for the Scheels sporting goods store that plans to open in 2021. A couple items of note right now are Giggle Box heading into their final six weeks of operation and a new mural that has recently gone up outside the soon-to-be Scheels entrance.

We know that COVID-19 delivered a blow to everyone this year. And it was definitely unfortunate the hand that was dealt to Giggle Box over at the mall. They had just opened the doors in March and were introducing themselves to Missoula when COVID restrictions shut them down. They've since reopened and I've heard great things from people that have checked it out. But if you haven't experienced the interactive museum, you only have until the end of December to do it before they close.

MontanaRightNow just did a story about how Giggle Box is taking on the challenge of keeping things sanitized during the pandemic. After all, part of the fun is that you get to be hands-on with the exhibits. If you plan on visiting before they end their stay at the mall, beginning on Black Friday they'll be extending their hours to 9 PM.

Over on the other side of Southgate Mall you won't be able to miss the giant mural that was recently done by a local artist over nine days. The mall is working to incorporate more art into the shopping experience and with the new creation you'll see plenty of Missoula and Montana representation - fly fishing, Mount Sentinel, Mount Jumbo and more.

Southgate Mall General Manager Tim Winger shared some thoughts that went into the creation of the mural. "With Scheel's being an outdoor sporting goods store, we just thought this would be a nice compliment and an attraction to the experience of coming to the mall."

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