With warm weather here at last, and forecasters predicting a couple hot months to come, there are so many great ways to enjoy the Missoula summertime before it's gone. Here are five of our favorite suggestions.


  • Kayla Johnson, Townsquare Media
    Kayla Johnson, Townsquare Media

    Hanging out in Brennan's Wave

    Seeing the surfers, floaters, and those enjoying the water, can't help but cool you off.

  • Charene Herrera TSM
    Charene Herrera TSM

    Fly Fishing

    You can't expect me to come up with ways to be cool in the summer and not say fly fishing! The best way to cool down on a summer day in Missoula.

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    Out to Lunch/Downtown Tonight

    Hanging out in the shade under the pavilion or grabbing an ice cream cone or a cold drink from a vendor at Out to Lunch or Downtown Tonight is a treasured local tradition for a good reason.

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    From Sha'ron to Brennan's Wave or maybe down the Blackfoot, there are so many great places to float. Don't forget the old Walmart put-in, either.

  • The Washington Post/Getty Images
    The Washington Post/Getty Images

    Grabbing Big Dipper Ice Cream

    Nothing like some white mint Oreo on a hot day in Missoula.

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