With the extreme heat we are expecting this weekend, you have to no only look after yourself, but your pets too. I have two dogs that I will be keeping a close eye on this weekend, Gypsy my brindle boxer and Koda my flat coat retriever. Koda is a black and very furry dog so I will be extra careful with him, but all animals will need attention in the hot temperatures.

Here are five tips to help your dog beat the heat this weekend:

1. Never leave pets alone in parked cars. Even parking in the shade or cracking the windows isn't enough, let your dog stay at home.

2. Don't overexert your pet.  Walk in the morning, late afternoon or evening, when temperatures are cooler. And make sure to include lots of water breaks.

3. Stick to shade. Outdoor pets need shady spots in your yard, and don't forget about lots of water.

4. Protect paws. Scalding sidewalks can cause serious burns. Try protective booties or walk on grass. Dogs sweat through their paws, just keep that in mind.

5. Know heat-stroke signs. Look for excessive panting, disorientation, weakness, vomiting and very hot skin. Never hesitate to call a veterinarian as soon as you think something could be wrong.

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