5 Tips to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat
With the extreme heat we are expecting this weekend, you have to no only look after yourself, but your pets too. I have two dogs that I will be keeping a close eye on this weekend, Gypsy my brindle boxer and Koda my flat coat retriever. Koda is a black and very furry dog so I will be extra careful w…
Would You Try the Hottest Burger in the World?
The Xtreme Smokehouse in Washington, Iowa has created the world's hottest burger. The 'Hellfire Burger' measures 9.2 million on the Scoville scale. It has homemade hot pepper relish, jalapenos, habaneros, serrano peppers, cayenne peppers, ghost peppers, grain alcohol and Hellfire sauc…
Pet Patrol is Out!
A mall in Canada has launched a service to keep customers from leaving their pets locked in their vehicles while shopping.
Mic Mac Mall in Nova Scotia, Canada, now has security staff scanning the parking lots,