Now THIS is some incredible, up-close video footage of the animal kingdom.

NBC Montana posted a video on their Facebook page today - submitted by James Royan - that shows two whitetail bucks in a pretty intense fight. The fight took place in Missoula, right near the Highlands Golf Course.

Check it out right here:

Those two bucks are really going at it, and honestly seem about evenly matched - I sort of wish the video was longer just so we could see which one of them won.

Why Were the Bucks Fighting?

We can only speculate as to why the bucks decided to fight each other - maybe they were in love with the same girl. Maybe one insulted the other one's mother. Maybe one's a Griz fan and one's a Cats fan and they got heated up before the Brawl of the Wild.

Whatever the case may be, we hope they were able to resolve their differences in an efficient manner that was beneficial to all parties involved.

Everyone who lives in Missoula is pretty used to seeing deer and bucks out around town - though I can't say I've ever seen any in a fight before my eyes. Have you ever seen bucks attacking each other in the wild, like they are in the video above?

You can let us know by messaging us through our free mobile app - and if you happen to have video, you can submit it through the app, too. We'd love to see what you've got to show us!

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