I’m not a big football fan. However, if I’m going to force myself to watch one football game a year, it’s going to be the Super Bowl. There are only two good things about the Super Bowl: Food and Commercials. If it wasn’t for those two things my life would be blissfully free of football.

Since I live in a house full of football lovers, I find myself making game day goodies every Super Bowl to satisfy all the rabid little mouths that are glued to the TV for hours on end. I thought that this year I would share a few of the easy snacks I make on this oh so holy of football Sunday.





  • Sliders

    Take some mini burger buns, add mini burgers and smash some cheese, onions and pickles in the middle. Cute and delicious.

  • Buffalo wings

    Toss wings and thighs into a crockpot with minced onion, buffalo sauce and barbecue sauce. Set the crockpot on high for about four hours and then set it on low before the game starts. Be sure to have ranch or blue cheese on hand for dipping.

  • Meatballs

    Take precooked meatballs and toss them in a crockpot with some grape jelly and barbecue sauce. Keep them on warm and enjoy all day.

  • Little smokies

    All you need is a bottle of barbecue sauce and a package of cocktail weenies tossed in a crockpot on warm and they will be ready to snack on throughout the game.

  • Loaded nachos

    Take your favorite tortilla chips, cover them in Velveeta and nuke them in the microwave for a few seconds. Garnish with onions, green chilis, jalapenos, tomatoes, olives, beans, corn or burger.