There’s just something about summer that makes me want to celebrate every day. These are drinks that I might normally make for a party or special occasion the rest of the year. However, summertime and no school is good enough reason for me (and especially my kids) to celebrate.

These drinks are all very easy to make, so easy to make that the kids can help. The only thing better than how easy they are to make is how great they taste. Your kids will love them.

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    Lemon-lime float

    Fill a glass half full with lime sherbet and then pour Sprite over the sherbet, filling the glass the rest of the way with the soda.

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    Cotton fizz

    Fill a glass with cotton candy and then pour Sprite over the cotton candy. You can even put a little cotton candy on the top of the drink for decoration.

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    Drink surprise

    Place a couple drops of food coloring into the bottom of non-see-through cups. Cover the food coloring with ice and then have the kids pour Sprite over the ice and see what color magically appears.

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    Night Juice

    Add your favorite crystal light flavor to tonic water and then turn out the lights. The tonic water helps this drink to glow in the dark.

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    Blue shark

    Drop a blue gummy shark into each glass. Pour blue Gatorade over the shark and watch it swim.

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