What says Dad more than smoked ribs that are fall off the bone tender and filled with smoke flavor. Add in a spicy Chocolate Porter BBQ sauce, and I know that Dad will smile.

How to Smoke the Ribs Using the 2-2-1 Method

Once the smoker reaches 230°F, adjust the vent at the bottom and the top to hold this temperature. Place the uncovered ribs into the smoker. This is where the 2-2-1 method of making the ribs tender really starts. The ribs will only stay in this arrangement for 2 hours. Once 2 hours are up, the ribs should be wrapped in heavy duty foil, this effectively steams and super tenderizes the ribs This is the 2nd step lasts 2 hours just like the first step. After second 2 hours are up, remove them from the foil and place them once again directly on the grates for 1 last hour.


The first 2 hours is where the smoke flavor penetrates into the meat, the middle 2 hours tenderizes the ribs. In the last 1 hour, the crust develops on the outside of the rib rack.

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