If you're feeling the post-holiday letdown, that January "janky" outlook on the new year, maybe you should adopt a built-in power source for 2023. 

Meet Blossom, the newest bundle of energy now looking for a new home at the Humane Society of Western Montana. 

Blossom stopped by the KYSS FM studios this week for our latest "Take Me Home Tuesdays" segment and immediately had the place "blooming" with her enthusiasm.

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Allison Kadler of the Humane Society explains that Blossom arrived in the shelter on Highway 93 as another example of a well-intentioned Christmas present that didn't arrive at the right time for the recipient. But that also means she's 8 weeks old, has all her shots, and is "ready to go."

"She's squirming all in my arms, but she's adorable," Allison said during the visit. "She's a mixed-breed, medium-sized, with a little tan and black. She's adorable and very fuzzy. She's got all her puppy fur." 

Allison says Blossom is perfectly suited for a new home where she might be able to learn the "ropes" by being around an older dog. 

Townsquare Media; Ashley Warren photo
Townsquare Media; Ashley Warren photo

"She could probably use an adult dog to teach her how to be a 'doggo', because puppies don't really know what they're doing," Allison explains. "They're just kind of existing, and try to love on you." 

Allison says Blossom will grow up to be a mid-sized dog, which means she'll probably weigh around 45 pounds when fully grown. 

If you'd like to meet Blossom or any of the other dogs and cats up for adoption, feel free to visit the Humane Society of Western Montana's shelter on U.S. 93, just south of Blue Mountain Road. 

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