What a great community event with destination Missoula and the partners that help promote and organize things in the area to help with tourism.

There were a lot of people at this ceremony that I didn't know helped with destination Missoula and people from all over that help market this great area. Tourism is a big part of that.

The lady who was really highlighted for all her hard work was Teresa Cox at the Carousal for Missoula and destination Missoula or the Visitors Bureau as it was called back then.

Also the Sports Commission's Celebrity Night Planning Committee also received an award! I happen to have been a part of this wild crew and know how awesome and how much hard work all these people put in. Thanks to Christine, Stacy, Jim, Lance, Dave, Diane, Carrie and Brittany.

Destination Missoula and other partners and organizations are always looking for people to help, so if you think you would like to join, there are different boards and ways to help.

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