WARNING: Enrolling your kids in this after-school program may provide them with a crazy amount of fun. In doing so you may send them down a path that results in various radio jobs. You'll only have yourself to blame for the disappointment your children will feel when they open their future paychecks from a career in broadcasting.

Haha.....alright, so that's not a real disclaimer that comes with the Radio DJ Camp being offered by the ZACC this fall......but it could be!

It's not like these privileged kids today with their ipads and their wifi......when I was growing up we had tape recorders, a blank tape, and a red record button. I used to record fake talk shows and get my mom and sister to be the guests. I would have loved it if there was a cool program like this that I would have been able to do as a kid.

You never know, if your child attends and enjoys all the activities listed below, we might just have to find a way to put them to work around our building.

Here's the details from the ZACC event page on Facebook:

AMP: Radio DJ Camp Fall 2020
Mondays | 10/26 - 11/30 | 4-6 PM | Music School | Ages 6 to 12 | $125
In this camp kids will learn all about community radio and the skills it takes to be a live DJ. Campers will tour local community radio stations, create radio ads, make radio drama, learn how to create sound effects, review music, record and edit sound, and meet local musicians, sound artists and special guests from the world of Missoula radio. The camp ends with a 1-hour broadcast of the radio camp kids showcasing all of their new talents as radio broadcasters.


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