Sad news today as another favorite Missoula business has had to close their doors temporarily due to COVID-19 concerns. The Zootown Arts Community center emailed their customers today to let us know that a summer volunteer has tested positive for COVID-19. They went on to explain that the volunteer hasn't been in the new building on Main street since June 26th, however, they have voluntarily chosen to close the doors to the public until all staff and volunteers are tested.

The ZACC's regular procedures kept this volunteer from accessing the main public area of the center, including the Pottery Studio and Main Gallery. Any members of the public who went to the ZACC to paint or view art would have had no contact. All staff and volunteers have been in small, separated groups since summer began, so if your family participated in summer camps, you shouldn't have reason to worry. The ZACC has reached out to the few people that had contact with the volunteer who tested positive. Plus, the center has been very strict about masks so unless you've been contacted, they advise you not to worry.

All events, including the gallery opening scheduled for tomorrow and drawing on the patio scheduled for next week, are postponed with new dates to be announced. Keep up with news of reopening and rescheduled events at The ZACC website. Our hearts go out to them, they've tried so hard to abide by all safety measures and keep their staff and clients safe.

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