Are your youngsters excited about deer hunting Thursday and Friday? School's out and kids get to go first! With the Montana Educators annual conference this week, the kids will be out of school and hopefully they'll get the opportunity to go deer hunting. Montana law allows resident and non-resident youngsters who will reach age 12 by January 16, 2013, to hunt with a valid license AND if they have successfully completed an approved hunter safety course. Montana's annual youth hunt for deer (no elk) is limited to kids between ages 12 and 15. That is this Thursday and Friday, October 18th and 19th, just before the general big game season on Saturday. We wish all the kids and their adult supervisors a great week. If you're staying in the western part of the state, Zone 1 sunrise Thursday is 7:59, Friday 8:00 sharp! If you have any questions or need clarifications on rules and regs, I always like to suggest  DB


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