The third weekend of big game hunting season along the Rocky Mountain Front was another good one. Bruce Auchly of FW&P says the numbers are up pretty much across the board.

Elk hunters so far have brought in 185 animals (62 bulls, 108 cows and 15 calves) compared to the 10-year average of 135 elk. White-tailed deer numbers this year in Augusta stand at 103 (54 bucks, 42 does and seven fawns), while the 10-year average is 80.

Auchly said the only lower numbers are in the mule deer category. Mule deer at the check station have numbered 87 (70 bucks and 17 does). The 10-year average is 120 animals.

Region 4 has only one check station, in Augusta, with only a small number of hunting districts but they often mirror conditions elsewhere in north central Montana.

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