A Chicago faucet company believes their employees are spending more time in the bathroom than is necessary, so they're putting a time limit on bathroom breaks.
Employees at the WaterSaver Faucet Company are allowed just six minutes a day to use the bathroom. And they mean business when it comes to employees doing their business. Anyone who exceeds 30 minutes in a week are disciplined and have to explain to supervisors why they needed to be in the bathroom so long. And there's no way to lie about it either. Employees are required to swipe a time card when entering and exiting the bathroom. The local union, not surprisingly, has a big problem with this and has filed a complaint with the National Labor Board.
The company argues that employees had been spending to much time in the bathroom, thus hurting production. Of course, the time that would be needed to clean up the mess left by employees who couldn't go to the bathroom would also hurt production. And get this, the company actually has a reward system, offering employees a $20 gift card if they could work their entire shift without going to the bathroom. (NY Daily News)

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