I'll admit it. In the world of fast foods, the McDonald's Big Mac is one of my go-to burgers. And the sauce is part of the reason.

But let's be honest. If you really had to come close to emulating the McD special sauce, do some experimenting with ketchup and mayo along with a little this and that, and you could come pretty close if you wanted to. You wouldn't drop thousands of dollars on a bottle of it, right? Here's hoping no one else is that obsessed, either!

San Francisco McDonald's were giving away bottles of their special sauce to enjoy at home, in an effort to promote their new versions of the Big Mac. So customers are snapping them up in record time, and then trying to sell them online for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. You can even find one listing on eBay for 10 grand! Leave it to Americans to try to turn a goodwill gesture into a profit center, huh?

Dang, now I want a Big Mac. Or two. Or.................can I get extra sauce on those?


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