Filming is almost underway for season 5 of the hit television series "Yellowstone." As camera crews and even Kevin Costner prepare to descend into western Montana, one cast member takes a moment to pay tribute to a fellow musician.

For those familiar with "Yellowstone," you are probably aware of who Ryan Bingham is. Ryan plays "Walker" on the hit show, a singing cowboy who works as a ranch hand at the Yellowstone ranch. The character is best known for his musical interludes in the bunkhouse. Scenes where he would bust out his guitar and his songs would make someone experience every emotion in just a few minutes. His sad cowboy style of singing is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Recently, after the news of a fellow musician passing, Ryan picked up his guitar to pay tribute. After news of the death of Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, Ryan whipped up a cover of their classic hit "My Hero."

@ryanbinghamofficial One for the @foofightersofficial. Sending nothing but love and support. #foofighters #acousticcovers ♬ original sound - Ryan Bingham

Ryan is no stranger to sad songs. In a recent article from Whisky Riff, Ryan discussed how the death of his parents made an impact on his music.

I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to write lighter songs, but when I’m having those hard times, it’s almost like I can’t keep it from coming out. I’ll just pick up the guitar and it just pours out. Then I record it, and there ain’t really no looking back.

Did you know Ryan Bingham is a Grammy Award winner? Did you know he also won an Oscar? It's true. He wrote an award-winning song "The Weary Kind" for the movie "Crazy Heart."

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