You probably remember the XFL as the failed football league from years ago that Vince McMahon tried to establish. It lasted for only one year and was disbanded. There were lots of gimmicks that were non-traditional compared to the NFL.

Just a few weeks ago, there were reports that the XFL is making a come back. The goal is to create a league for individuals who can't make it to the NFL, but still want to play. Vince has once again put his own money on the line, there is going to be 8-teams playing a 10 game season to get started.

With there not being any professional sports in the state of Montana, would you like to see the XFL come here? It's clear to see there are a lot of sport fans in the area, but would you get behind a not established team or league? It will be interesting to see how things develop but the XFL has mentioned they are looking at all cities for a potential home for a team. Anything could happen...

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