I first met Maris through the New Years Eve singing competition First Night Spotlight, my jaw dropped when I heard her voice! Her voice is beyond good, it is beyond great, it is a voice that should be heard around the world. At just 16 years of age she is not only singing but also writing her own music too. Her musical inspirations are across all genres including Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith, Hosier, Frank Sinatra, Ed Sheeran, Fiona Apple, Maroon 5 and many more.

As Maris puts it, "I'm trying to storm into the music world of professional music, one raindrop at a time".

You can purchase music and support Maris here.

With a beautiful voice like this, you will hear her name for many years to come! Watch this video and meet Maris!

Maris you should be so proud of yourself!