All-you-can-eat buffet restaurants may not be the big draw they once were, but some people are obviously still passionate about them.

Take the case of crab lovers in Huntsville, Alabama, where AP reports a buffet brawl broke out over taking cuts in the crab leg line, that could lead to misdemeanor charges for two people. Weapons charges might be involved in there, somewhere. More on that in a second.

It turns out a Huntsville police officer was enjoying a meal at the Meteor Buffet when he noticed a skirmish developing in the food line. Patrons were waiting for more crab legs to be served and while everyone was standing around, a fight broke out over taking cuts. Weapons were even drawn! Well, sort of. A couple of the crab combatants started fighting with the serving tongs, using them like swords.

I'll stick to the cheesecake line next time I'm at a buffet. Those people are a lot mellower.


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