While working this morning, I looked outside and realized how lucky I am to work indoors. Often during the summer months I wish I could take my job outdoors. But to work outdoors in the cold winter months, you have to be a little extra brave than most. I then started to think about all the jobs that would be even more challenging during the winter months. I have now put together a list of jobs that would be a pain to work during the cold winter months in Montana.

1. Road Crews. These workers are putting in long shifts to make sure we are all safe traveling during these conditions.

2. Power Line Technicians. These workers are on call all the time just waiting for something to go wrong, even if it is 2am.

3. Mail Carriers. Regardless of the weather, the mail still has to be delivered. These workers just deal with even more during the winter months.

4. Construction. Knowing that you have to spend all day outside working on a project takes a special dedicated worker, and you have to be tough to work in the winter.

5. Sign Holders. These workers normally aren't getting huge wages and still spend hours outside twirling a sign.

Can you think of any other industries I should have added to this list?

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