It's happening all over the country, it's happening in Government, it's happening in private and public business. However, you feel about it, it's happening. Is it happening in Bozeman?

Vaccine mandates.

The CDC Covid Data Tracker says that over 80% of the new Covid-19 cases are caused by B.1.617.2, or the "Delta Variant". The list of companies and business owners that are requiring their employees to be vaccinated is growing.

Is that legal? I mean can a company or business actually require someone to be vaccinated?  The answer to that question is, apparently, yes.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a federal government organization, says that employers can indeed, require their employees to be vaccinated. According to an article by CNBC's Abigail Johnson Hess, employers can require vaccines as long as "reasonable accommodations" are provided for those with disabilities and or religious beliefs.

Photo by Mufid Majnun via Unsplash
Photo by Mufid Majnun via Unsplash

This is such an emotionally charged topic. In an already politically charged environment, talks of vaccine mandates are causing even more friction. A little time on Social Media will compare the current push for mandates to Hitler and the Holocaust, Communism, and what other vile thing that's out there.

I can't remember something more divisive. I certainly can't remember elected officials, including the President, placing the blame of deaths and sickness of a virus on other Americans. However, that is where we are.

So, Bozeman how do you feel about all of this? Are you ok with vaccine mandates?  Is that something you can support?

Credit: Abigail Johnson Hess, CNBC

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