At around 10:30 Tuesday night, Missoula Police officers responded to the report of a disturbance at a residence in the 300 block of Blaine Street. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“When they arrived, they spoke to a complaint who said that a neighbor, identified as 50-year-old Beth Darling, had come to her door and knocked,” Welsh said. “The complaint said she opened the door and recognized her neighbor and also that she appeared to be intoxicated. She said she told Darling to go home, but Darling forced her way into the apartment and proceeded to assault her.”

The victim told officers that Darling hit her, grabbed her hair, and threw her into the wall. She said she eventually fell to the ground and that Darling also kicked her two times.

“She left before officers arrived,” Welsh said. “However, they did find her walking nearby and she was taken into custody. Darling was taken to the Missoula County Detention Center where she is currently being held for the offense of aggravated burglary.”

According to court documents, an officer spoke to another witness who stated that he heard a commotion at the victim’s front door. He went to investigate and discovered Darling standing over the victim.

When he attempted to break up the altercation, Darling swung at him. He grabbed Darling’s arms in an attempt to restrain her. He then let go of Darling, and that is when she left the residence. Darling was highly intoxicated when officers located her.

Darling is currently being charged with one count of felony burglary.

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