Just last month I saw a picture of one, and that's when I realized that I didn't really know what a wolverine looked like. All I really knew about wolverines is that there's a football team in Michigan that uses them for a mascot and my wife seems to be quite a fan of a shirtless Hugh Jackman when he plays one in the movies. When I saw that picture though, I actually thought to myself, "hmm...that's what a wolverine looks like." But me seeing a wolverine isn't the point - it's a father and daughter seeing one in Yellowstone that's newsworthy because I guess that never really happens!

What's the big deal with seeing a wolverine in Yellowstone?

Dad and daughter are from California and were on a tour of the park when they came upon the animal walking in the middle of a road. A story from KPAX says the wolverine sighting is rare since they're rarely seen by humans in the park.

Biologists estimate there are only about a half dozen wolverines in Yellowstone at any given time, so sightings are far and few in between. In fact, there is only one documented still photograph of a wolverine in Yellowstone and that picture was taken decades ago. A trail camera did capture a video of a wolverine in the park in January of 2021. -KPAX article-

How crazy is that? Only one photograph of one in the park over all those years? That seems too wild to believe.

This one didn't seem too shy

Not only does the wolverine take its sweet time and give the onlookers a chance to grab some cool video, but it also circles back around and gives them another photo op before heading down the road.

Is this the start of wolverines becoming a bit less elusive in the park? We'll see. But for now, one family has a pretty cool story about seeing something that not too many others get to experience at Yellowstone.

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