A daring rescue by a neighboring camper might have saved the life of a man trying to protect himself, his wife and their two children.

Our neighbors north of Montana in Canada's Banff National Park, west of Calgary, had to shut down some facilities this past weekend, after a wolf tried to drag a man out of the tent that we was sharing with his wife and children. The commotion caused by the middle-of-the-night invasion woke a man, Russ, in another tent near the family. As he rushed to see what was going on, he could see a wolf trying to drag something out of a destroyed tent. Turns out that was Matt. Matt's whole left side was covered in blood, trying to fight off a wolf while staying between it and his family.

Russ kicked at the wolf risking vicious retaliation. It finally let it go of Matt, but lingered and stalked for a period of time. Even though they were throwing big rocks at it, the wolf continued to follow as they ran to the safety of their van.

We appreciate the Calgary Eyeopener for reporting this story, and Russ for his heroic efforts.




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