So many ways to enjoy the great outdoors in the winter! This is a new one for me, my first time on an off-road rig in the winter going up the mountains in the snow.

It was an absolute blast, and I really enjoyed myself. At times I could feel my motion sickness flaring up but you are laughing and smiling that I couldn't even think about it. You not only get to enjoy the outdoors in winter with these great off-road vehicles but you can see wildlife and access some really cool areas.

There's ways to make fires and enjoy the area you are in, cook food and have fun with friends. They can get stuck pretty easy which is why a lot of them have wenches on them and are able to pull each other out. I was in a Polaris 1000 ( which holds meaning if you know off terrain vehicles)

Off-roading ! #missoula #offroad

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