OK I am deathly afraid of heights, so much that I use to barely ski. I have been trying to conquer that fear but if this happened to me...I would be afraid of heights the rest of my life.

If you have visited the windy city, you have seen the tallest building the Willis Tower. It brings a lot of tourist's, who go to the 103rd floor and look out to the big city. You are able to walk out of the edge of the building on a sky-deck that architects deemed "unbreakable". Built with three layers of glass able to hold 5 tons of weight. Well with just two young boys on the sky-deck yesterday the glass began to crack! Alerting officials who were completely shocked, took the tour group down the building and staff began to examine what happened with the glass.

This brings to mind the Titanic, that was deemed unsinkable. You tempt fate and nature and anything is possible and nothing is impossible.

We are so glad everyone is ok and we will be staying away from the skydeck in the Willis Tower in Chicago.