Now here's a concern you probably hadn't thought of when Logjam started making all those concert announcements for the Kettlehouse Amphitheater this summer - will the Missoula Board of Health allow them to have bathrooms?

And when you think about it for a second - that's a fair question! Kettlehouse has a capacity of roughly 4000, and with all those people hanging out for a few hours and likely having a few beverages, they're gonna need to use the facilities at some point. In past years, Kettlehouse's bathroom situation was a huge circle of port-a-potties that were sort of off to the side of the amphitheater, enough where you never really had to wait long in order to use one. But would those be allowed in a world that's just emerging from the coronavirus pandemic?

Well, it looks like you can rest easy: the Missoula Board of Health has approved the use of port-a-potties for the 2021 concert season. Their reasoning is that since there's no municipal sewer that reaches the area, Logjam doesn't have the ability to install any full, permanent restrooms. However, if a municipal sewer does eventually make its way over there, the Board of Health might change their decision.

So when you're seeing any of the number of shows that Kettlehouse has scheduled for this summer, now you can relax knowing that you won't have to rush out of the amphitheater and find a spot in the woods for you to do your business. That's going to make the experience of seeing Primus all the more fun, won't it?

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