To say we've all had to reassess the way we do things during the pandemic would be a major understatement. So much about our daily lives have been altered. I can't imagine being in the restaurant business and having to deal with the forced shutdown and then the capacity restrictions. But one of the things that helped local restaurants, bars, breweries, and more stay afloat when in-person dining wasn't an option was the ability to offer curbside pickup for alcohol.

Then-Governor Bullick allowed drinking establishments to serve alcohol for pickup and if you ever ordered a delicious adult beverage with your order you probably thought "I love this!" when you picked up your food and drink at the same time. The rules had to be altered a bit to make that a possibility - but wouldn't it be great if we were able to continue with the practice after the pandemic ends?

If you answered that last question with "yes, that would be great" you'll be pleased to know there's now a proposal that would allow curbside pickup of beer, wine, and liquor to become a permanent thing. House Bill 226 was introduced by a Republican representative from Billings with the idea that if alcohol to-go was successful during the pandemic - it can be successful as the common practice.

It sounds like a lot of people on the business side of things are all for the bill as it would continue to provide an extra source of sales beyond the pandemic.

A permanent future with curbside pickup of alcohol? I'll drink to soon as I pick up my order!

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